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...oh, and you killed my fantasia

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Funny the damage a silly little comic can do :)


Is up for uterus protection!
Is NOT in America!
Supports gay rights!
Loves tea!
Is an avid platipi suspector!
Only makes their cookies with real girl scouts!
Trains Carrier Pigeons and Parrots!
Battles the French and mildew!
Supports squirrel rights!
<3s tater tots!
Has LLAMAS!!!!
Loves Juggling Jesus!
Puts W in a Coma!
Supports the rights of gay squirrels and llamas to live happily together!


It's Fat Free!

Daveville 2 helped me to have long flowing locks, bathtubs that were free of mildew, and my carpets have never looked cleaner!-Megan, a real Davevillian

Try us on for size!
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