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Jul. 15th, 2006 | 02:05 am
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posted by: calta_elen in daveville

Here Ia m in the mists of Daveville, trying to understand the world.  This island was founded under the principle of escaping worldly horrors to make a fresh new society, "recapture Eden" for you biblical folk.  We were trying to set an example for the world.

But somehow the outside world has invaded our land and put pity into our hearts.  The U.S. president, long known for trying to annex us, has attempted to ban gay marriage in our small nation. As a cry of protest we decided to hold a Daveville revival concert, in which Bob Dylan would appear as a duck and perform with a joint and sunglasses.

The weekend spanning festivities began with a small hippie jam session. There was a feast of Nin-jabo, a multicultural meal consisting of Chinese chicken and Cajun rice, complete with greens.  The booze gong was rung promptly following the meal, and Andy served us all until long past consciousness.  

On Saturday morning we were awoken by Bonnie with a megaphone protesting the existence of "dubyah" and rallying the crowds. Thousands of people had shown up for support and live music, including some dear friends.  Guenevere, Rachel and myself made picket signs out of recycled cardboard and burnt our bras in a pyre. Meg chose to join us and the eternal pyre is still lit.  Bear reconstructed Nick's plane and wrote "PEACE" in the sky to upset "W."  

The concert ran smoothly with excellent music from a master.  Upon this Jesus lit himself on fire to support our cause.  At intermission PHil the llama and Steve the pack goat were Wed on stage--a protest in gay marriage AND animal rights.  

By Sunday everyone was exhausted and sad.  Amy began to pack for Aussieland, and there were tears for many departures.  But as we all sat down to a nice family dinner, Danielle rode up in haste on a dolphin to alert us of an attack.  AS she cried out "The Bushes are coming!" BV relayed "To the Batcave" and we all began to fortify the island for battle.



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